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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  July 28, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. hello. thanks for joining us. i'm jc hayward. the lingering affects of the summer storm is topping the newscast. it's a story of the haves and who have-nots. residents who have pow and those who do not. our 9 news reporter kristin fisher has the latest information from montgomery county. >> there's still plenty of people without power but pepco has made major improvements
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over the last 24 hours, and a lot it has to do with out of town reinforcements. pepco is roughly 400 people in the field working to restore power in the area and 300 are from out of town. overnight they restored power to 50,000 pepco customers and brought the total number of dark nexts in montgomery county down to 20 but frustrations are building for residents and businesses still without power. after all, this is day three with no electricity. yesterday pepco's regional president explained why the restoration effort is taking so long. >> some of the challenges we have experienced during this time, several of our substations were taken out of service. we have reported over 1620 wires down. that's real work it's complex work. it's dangerous work, and it's very labor-intensive. >> reporter: pepco is hoping to
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have everyone on-line by thursday but pepco says the stimcould extend until friday. if you would like to get an estimated restoration time for your home or business all you have to do is call 877-pepco- 62. in montgomery couldn't fix chris fin -- kristin fisher, 9 news now. 9 news now received an ' mail about dangerous power lines down in wheaton. we went to verdict and found wires tangled in tree branches on the ground. neighbors say debris is near where children are picked up for summer camp. >> there's been a live power line down since sunday. police blocked it with police tape monday morning and since that time police have driven their cars through the tape and broken it but we have live wires between the community center and the library which are major gathering points for young children in the area. there is activity at the community center and library and in fact it is a bus pickup
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location for the county schools summer programs. >> you have people that walk through here all the time. kids don't know, come walking through here and they could easily step over this and i mean, they could get a really bad electrical shock. kill themselves or something like that. it is just -- i don't know. it looks like it is a matter of pepco coming out and taking care of this. >> in dc, we also found downed wire an debris at the intersection of 20th and shepherd street northeast. if you have any safety concerns about your neighborhood, we'd like to hear about it. e-mail us a t us at wusaassignment >> the regional president with
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pepco is joining us on the phone. >> thank you for the opportunity. currently we have 24,000 customers that are out of service in montgomery county and in the district of columbia the number is a little over 2,000 and in prince georges county about 4700. we have over -- we have close to about 1,000 resources out there working to restore service and we are working around the clock until every single customer is restored. >> reporter: so those who do not have power is saying when is it coming back on? >> we are working as hard as we can to get the power on as safely as possible. we expect the vast majority of the customers to be restored by thursday evening and all of those customers restored later in the week but we are do everything everything we can. the good news is we have been able to restore service to over 250,000 customers over the last few days. one of the challenges we have,
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there are so many wires that are down now. we have reports over 1700 wires down at this point. if our customers are still out of service, i'd strongly encourage them to call us back at 877-pepco-62. we understand that this is an inconvenience. we understand it is frustrating, and we're totally committed to restoring the service as quickly and safely as possible. >> mr. graham, is there any way you can give me an estimate of how much this has cost pepco? >> right now we are focused on restoration. that's the only thing that is important to us. when the dust settles we will start to give thought to that next week but our direction from our chairman is to move forward and dedicate all resources to restoring service. >> reporter: tom graham, region president for pepco. we thank you for taking time out your schedule today. >> thank you very much, jc. the coverage continues our our website at
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you can get the latest on the power restoration and check out our storm photo album. go to in other news, a 2-year-old girl being treated for serious injuries. she apparently got in to cleaning fluid that was left in a car on columbia road in adams morgan. the toddler suffered burns to 25% of her body, and police say the incident appears to be an accident. and they do not expect to seek charges. police say the fairfax county man, who was murdered in oakland last week, lost his life over $10. 45-year-old wang was killed during a robbery. he left behind three children and a grieving wife. >> he was such a loving
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husband. it is awful, really hard for the children. the children cried during the morning and at night. so, the whole family -- our whole family got turned upside down. >> reporter: police say a 33- year-old man and a 24-year-old woman admitted to robbing and killing kang. his friends set up a memorial fund on-line. in maryland a newborn is in the care of social services after being thrown from a second story window. according to police, the 11- year-old mother had just given birth before tossing the child out of her home. the baby was discovered by another female in the house who heard the baby screaming. despite the two-story drop, the baby girl is listed in good condition according to doctors. the state's attorney is now deciding whether the young mother should face charges. he could go down as one of
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the most notorious criminals in washington history. a grand jury indicted 27-year- old jason scott yesterday for the double murder of a mother and daughter who lived noor him in largo. delors and ebony dewitt were killed last march. according to police scott is also the prime suspect in the murder of another mother daughter murder, karen and karissa lofton. >> he is a super felon that likes to do whatever he gets away with. it makes his heart sing and he will do anything until he is caught which luckily he has been. >> the victim lived within a two-mile radius of scott's home and they have linked him to the murder of a marketing executive vilma butler. she was found in her burning house in bow way in 2008. congressional investigators are looking in to problems at arlington national cemetery. the problems include mislabeled
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graves and tombstones, tossed in to a creek bed. documents released on tuesday show the senate tried to hire someone to test the accuracy of arlington's records five years ago but nothing was ever changed. captiol hill hearings are scheduled for tomorrow. medical marijuana is now legal in the district of columbia. the move comes after congress declined to overrule a dc council bill. the new law allows patients with cancer, glaucoma and other chronic ailments to possess up to four ounces of marijuana. patients will be required to get a doctor's prescription in order to buy the pot in a city- sanked dispensary. investigators have concluded that faulty signaling equipment caused that deadly crash in metro history. nine people died in met tremendous' accident when one train slammed in to another that had stopped near the fort totten station. the ntsb says an electronic
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signal should have triggered the approaching train to slow down and stop, but the signal failed. in their crash report, investigators faux pointed to a lack of focus when it comes to safety at metro. >> the layers of safety deficiencies uncovered during the course of this investigation are troubling. >> reporter: metro says it is already making some changes recommended by the national transportation safety board, including replacing aging equipment. the coast guard released chilling audiotapes from the final moments before a deadly duck boat crashed in philadelphia. >> ferry, ferry, whoa whoa whoa! >> looks like they got run over by a barge one of the duck boats. i'm going to pick them up. >> the crash earlier this month
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along the delaware river sent 35 people in the water. two hungarian tourists died. and other victims suffered injuries. they recovered. the tapes are now part of a federal investigation. coming up, investigators search for clues to an airline crash that took the lives of more than 150 people. plus, going electric. general motors reveals how much the new volt car will cost. we will have those stories and more ahead. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill, because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month. and here's a special bonus:
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two americans are among the dead in a plane crash in pakistan. the jet liner went down in bad were killing everyone on board. charlie d'agata has the latest information from london. >> reporter: thick smoke rises through heavy rain clouds where the passenger plane slammed in to a hillside in pakistan. two americans are among 152 people who died in the crash. hopeful relatives rushed to the local hospital after pakistani officials said a handful of people survived. amir says his older brother was on the flight, but they broke down after learning those reports were wrong. nobody survived. the pakistani government says the cause of the crash is not clear but it is ruling out terrorism. the plane was on a two-hour flight from karachi, pakistan's biggest city to the capital of
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islamabad. its monsoon season. fierce storm sweep in high winds and heavy rain and poor visible. the plane came noun the hills, a few miles from the airport. investigators want to know why it was flying so low at the time. the airbus 321 is thought to be his than eight years old. air blue operates the plane. the pakistani airline has been in business for six years with only one minor previous incident. although pakistan's aviation record is less than perfect, this crash is the deadliest in the country's history. charlie d'agata, cbs news. authorities say they have found the plane's cockpit recorder and they are launching an investigation in to why the flight crashed. well, general motors has released the right price tag for its gas-saving electric car called the volt. customers will have to pay $41,000 but a federal tax cut
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actually cuts that price down by $7,000. chevrolet is already taking orders for the volt. it runs on battery power with a small gas engine for backup. the official launch date will be in november. coming up, howard an the forecast. yeah, jc. getting steamy out here. the sun is out. it will be a hot afternoon. we will talk about the storms heading this way tomorrow. and right now a break with a look at the allergy update which like yesterday, mold spores are moderate and everything else is low. the seven-day forecast when 9 news now at noon returns.
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the temperature isn't as high as last week but the humidity seems to be up there. >> the muggies came back overnight and this morning. dew points came up and you are feeling it. it wasn't as dry and comfortable and nice and pleasant as it has been. now, today, you know, it is hot. it will be in the 90s again but not the high 90s as jc was talking about. the day at a glance, 86 right now which is wearable but this afternoon we will be low 90s.
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temperatures are for on the hour so we could go up to 93 between 3:00 and 6:00. that's where i think our high will end up up. moderate air quality is good. unfortunately the humidity has crept back. partly sunny, hot and humidity. isolated thunderstorm n. the mountains of western maryland and west virginia more than anywhere else a chance of that. to fredericksburg you folks might be 95 this afternoon. mostly sunny and muggy tonight with an isolated shower or storm. again, west in the mountains we will have the best chance of that. low in the many 7 oughts, mid to upper 70s. southwest winds at five. sunset 8:23. we are losing two minutes of daylight a day right now. mostly cloudy hack and scattered showers and storms will be more likely to be hitting north and west, you know you could be feeling storms by late morning. in the metro early to mid afternoon and by dinner hour they push out of here. 88 to 93 and the temperatures
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demand on how quickly things start to rain around here. the satellite and radar, i want to show you the big picture here as we have showers and storms up in parts of michigan and also in to wisconsin. we are at 86. we have temperatures near 90. just realized i didn't turn on the temperatures this the slide show. dew pints in the 60s to around 70. this area of low pressure slid off the coast. so with the winds coming back to the south, the humidity which we managed to push to the carolinas, that has come back. we will watch here and this cold front, as we go through time for tomorrow, especially. that's going to give us a shower and thunderstorm threat but more importantly than that. it is going to give us a nice break as we head to friday and saturday. putting the nine future cast in motion. 6:00 tomorrow morning we have the front near erie, pennsylvania. a couple of showers in the mountains. through the middle of the day and boom, by 2:00 front is getting in to hagerstown and
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frederick. showers and storms pretty widespread, i believe and then as we head to the evening hours, that front slides through. by midnight we are clearing out. i think that will set the stage for the drier air to build in for friday. friday and saturday look really, really nice an here. temperatures now mid to upper 80s. we will get to the low every 90s this afternoon. perhaps 95 down south. in the 70s tonight. 78 for the low in town low to mid-70s north and west. thursday showers and storms. around 90 for that high. it all depends how quickly the storms begin. saturday 88. sunday the humidity creeps back and a threat of thunderstorms and we are around 90 on monday and tuesday. that's weather. we going to the kitchen when 9 news now returns. (announcer) while there are some home disasters you can't avoid,
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come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. hello. i'm in the kitchen. a culinary treasure overmeek coe is being dished out at a restaurant located at 7th and dc northwest. the chef is named joe. glad to have you. i want to talk about the festival you have that's going on for two weeks. >> the squash blossom festival. this is the culinary threat your of mexico. it speaks to mexican cuisine and a midsummer delight. >> a beautiful flower but you can't eat it. >> you can eat it.
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it is completely edible. what we will make is a stuffed blossom. i will take a beautiful blossom and a beautiful piece of avocado and stuff inside of there. an we made red snapper but use any white fish you want and we diced it up and added cilantro, chili, salt and marinated it in lime juice a few minutes and take a little bit of that and open our blossom and put it inside. stuff it in there. >> wow. >> and just a little bite. >> we will put the press pi on our website so you can do this at home. you have to go to and then you have the blossom ready to go. >> aren't those beautiful. that is nice. >> what are some of the other dishes. >> some oh dishes we have the squash blossom stuffed with cheese from mexico and then
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deep fried. we have squash blossoms that are filled with west field farms goat cheese and we serve it with a sauce. we have a beautiful squash blossom and heirloom tomato salad. >> sounds delightful. >> many, many things. >> tell me what makes your restaurant so special? >> we do mexican cuisine really well. we are one of the few restaurants that specialize in true mexican cuisine. we try to make mexico proud. >> i have been there. they are very, very good. >> it is located on 7th and d streets northwest. please stop by and if you do ask to the the chef and till him you want one of his specialty squash blossoms. it will go on the next two weeks. thank you for joining us. you must come back again. >> thanks for joining us. come back at 5:00.
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